A Group of individuals with defined roles working towards a common goal

An MDT is a group of health care staff who are members of different organisations and progressions that work together to make decisions regarding the treatment of individuals. Working as part of an MDT is a core competency of registrars. I enjoy working as part of an MDT and have received good feedback for my teamwork whilst working in them as evidenced by my 360 review.

Unreliable and shirks responsibility

Doesn’t place any importance on the common goal of the team

  • Reliable
  • Takes responsibility for actions
  • Understands role
  • Works towards common goal of the team/prioritises teams needs

I am a good team player. My 360 review has been positive regarding this.

  • Clinically I take responsibility for my actions and help out and teach juniors.
  • Academically I have worked effectively as part of a team to ensure completion of X papers, X presentations and X Audits.
  • I have been rota coordinator and regularly facilitated swaps. In addition, I provide adequate notice when taking leave to attend conferences/courses.
  • Outside of medicine I participate in a range of team based activities such as (Sailing, football, Rugby, Expeditions, etc)

When answering this question it is important to demonstrate that you have reflected on this experience and how you will avoid it when working as a ST3. Examples where you may have been a bad team player:

  • Attending theatre rather than helping out on the ward
  • Not switching on calls
  • Forgetting to do a job e.g. booking patients for theatre when oncall or group and screen, not consenting patients or marking them pre-operatively.