One-to-One teaching

Pros: Catered to individual student, maximises participation

Cons: Time consuming, can be intimidating


Didactic lectures

Pros: Large audience at once

Cons: Not catered to an individual, difficult to encourage participation



Pros: Can reach large audience, passive, opportunity to encourage engagement with quizzes etc. and can monitor progress

Cons: Can lack communication, no rapport


Small-Group teaching

Pros: Encourages team building, facilitates discussion

Cons: Depends on students

Example answer:

Yes and it is one of the pillars of clinical governance.

I know that when I have delievered teaching sessions it has allowed me to consolidate my own knowledge. In addition, through my work in setting up a national surgical skills teaching school I have developed my leadership, management and teamworking skills. It also allows me to stay up to date and develop my communication skills.

Here you should list the teaching that you have done. Following this we would advise reflect on this and how it will make you a better trainee.

Examples of teaching:

  • Anatomy demonstration
  • National/international teaching 
  • Bedside teaching
  • Formal teaching position/post

Example answer:

I was asked to give a teaching session on orthopaedic examinations to medical students. During the initial session I delivered this didactically. However, students stated that they would have preferred to have had a more informal practical session. I therefore recruited fellow trainees who were keen to teach, contacted the students and put on practical small group sessions. 

After reviewing the feedback I have recieved following teaching sessions, students suggest that I am:

– Engaging – I try to bring in real world examples when I can, 
– Keen to teach – I enjoy teaching and feel that this comes across during my sessions, 
– Approachable – allowing students to ask questions when they have some
– Adapt to the environment – recently taught over good glass suturing

I would start of by identifying the learning objective/needs

I would involve peers and seniors and reps

I would then decide how to teach them and in what setting.

I would gather feedback and improve future teaching sessions.