Report looking at the NHS on its 70th birthday.Aims to examine the state of quality in health and care services and make recommendations for future funding and reform.

Identified a funding gap.

This was the shape of training report described that patient and services needs are rapidly changing.

Theme 1 – Patient need must drive training.
Theme 2 – Specialist and generalise balance
Theme 3 – Less time based training more competency based
Theme 4 – Balance between training and service provision
Theme 5 – Flexibility in trining (allowing for career swaps and breaks)

2013. Examined what led to poor standards of care at the Staffodshire NHS foundation trust, why unnecessary patient deaths occured and why the warning signs of serious failings were not recognised.

Established a legal duty of candour. 

Highlights areas where we should do more for those injured during  and as a result of active service.

Network to provide care to veterans and a rehabilitation unit linked to the milatary.