Radial Head Fracture


28YO male who fell onto his right arm, presenting with elbow pain. The Following X-Ray has been performed.

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 11.06.33

This is an AP and lateral plane film radiograph of an unknown skeletally mature patient’s Right Elbow. The most obvious abnormality is there is a displaced fracture of the radial head. The ulnohumeral joint is congruent. 

Mason classification




Displaced amenable to fixation


Displaced not amenable to fixation


Radial head with dislocation of the elbow


Take a history perform an examination.

Key examination: ROM – Check for mechanical block to elbow motion (aspiration of joint haematoma and injection of local anesthesia can aid in evaluation). Check stability of the elbow. Palpate wrist for tenderness (DRUJ). Interosseous membrane for tenderness, radius pull test (Essex-Lopresti)

Non operative

  • Sling/collar and cuff immobilisation for 2 days followed by active mobilisation
  • Useful for Mason 1 fractures


  • Plate or headless compression screws
  • Radial head replacement