Practical: Tension Band Wiring

Converts distraction forces into compression forces.

  • Patella fracture
  • Olecranon fracture
  • Lateral and Medial malleoli
  • Tuberosity of the humerus

Reduction – using 1 or 2 pointed reduction clamps

Drill a hole medial to lateral approximately 40mm distal to the fracture line and 5mm from the posterior cortex – 2mm drill

Wire preparation – 1mm wire, make a loop 1/3rd along its length. Insert the shorter segment of the wire into the drilled hole from medial to lateral.

K wire insertion – 1.6mm K wire through the proximal end of the olecranon – aim towards the anterior cortex.

Second K wire insertion – 1.6mm placed parallel to the first one.

Withdraw the K wires approximately 1cm

Figure of 8 – Pass the long segment of the 1mm wire around the 2 K-wires in a figure of 8 configuration. Unite the two wires with a twist.

Tighten the wires

Sink the K-Wires