Practical: External Fixator

  • Tibia – 2x 5mm shantz screws tibia
  • Calcaneus – 5mm stineman pin
  • 1st metatarsal – 4mm self drilling shantz screw
In an appropriately marked and consented anaesthetised patient. I would complete the WHO checklist. II present
Patient supine.
2 tibial pins  (5mm self drilling shantz screws tibia) inserted away from the zone of injury in the mid sagital plane 1cm medial to tibial crest.
stineman 5mm pin placed into calcaneus 1cm from posterior margin. 1cm superior to inferior margin. 
4mm self drilling shantz screw – 1st metatarsal
connected then tightened under II. 
  • Increased number of struts
  • Wider pin and strut diameter
  • Increased number of pins
  • Place pins in different planes
  • Place rods in different planes