Stands for Get it Right First Time

National program set up in 2017 designed to improve the treatment and care of patients through in-depth review of services, benchmarking and presenting data-driven evidence to support change. Aims to reduce unwarranted variations. Piloted in Orthopaedics and has now spread to 40 medical specialities.

  • Hot and cold sites
  • Ring fenced orthopaedic beds
  • Doing knee arthroscopy only when appropriate
  • Infection monitoring protocols
  • Standardisation of practice and implants
  • Using ODEP approved implants
  • Monitoring length of stay

Concerns centralisation of services will lead to:

  • Decreased opportunities outside surgical hubs for training
  • Increased travel time for staff and patients¬†

Initiative by GIRFT to reduce the backlog of patients waiting for operations and improve outcomes + care. Up to 60% of patients on waiting lists are waiting for high volume surgery e.g. cataracts, Joint replacement surgery.

Aim is to develop surgical hubs and reduce theatre in-efficiencies.