Foot Anatomy

Posterior tibial artery:

– Via the artery of the tarsal canal
– Supplies the majority of the talar body
Anterior tibial artery
– Supplies head and neck
Perforating peroneal artery via artery of tarsal sinus
– Supplies lateral head and neck

The Lisfranc ligament complex extends obliquely from the lateral surface of the medial cuneiform to the medial aspect of the of the base of the second metatarsal.

It consists of three bands:

  • Dorsal ligament (weakest)
  • Interosseous
  • Plantar ligament


  • Calcaneus
  • Talus
  • Navicular
  • Three cuneiforms
  • First three metatarsal bones
  • Metatarsal bases
  • Cuboid
  • Three cuneiform bones