• Clinically I deal with stress by staying organised making a checklist of jobs to be completed and delegating them where appropriate to juniors on the team.
  • Academically, I have completed my research, audits and teaching often as part of a team, where jobs can be divided.
  • Outside of work I have developed a good support network through my extracurriculars (insert examples). My extracurriculars also allow me to achieve a good work life balance. 
  • I also prepare for stressful situations wherever possible, for example I understand transitioning to ST3 is stressful and have discussed this with seniors. On their advice I regularly step up and act as the Reg oncall and in clinics/theatre.

Talk about how this will make you a better trainee. All will make you a more well-rounded individual and more resilient to stress.

  • Sports: develop teamworking and communication skills and improve hand eye co-ordination.
  • Instruments: Improve communication may improve teamworking if in a band, dexterity.
  • Part time jobs: communication, teamworking and time management skills
  • Cadets/Army: communication, team-working and time management skills
  • Duke of Edinburgh/Expeditions: communication, team-working and time management skills
  • Personal blog/company/Instagram/Tiktok etc: Communication, time management skills.