Important to improve how COVID has positively impacted your training.

Negative impact:

  • Reduced operating (how have you made up for this? What are your plans to minimise impact?)
  • Reduced elective exposure, clinics/theatre. Talk about how you have made up for this e.g. self arranged to attend clean sites.
  • Cancellation of teaching (talk about other educational opportunities e.g. podcasts, journals, webinars/virtual teaching).
  • Cancellation of in person conferences (talk about how you attended virtual conferences)

Postive impact:

  • Redeployed and therefore improved communication with other teams
  • Learnt other skills outside of the operating theatre
  • Time for other activities e.g. research, teaching, mentorship.

Important to consider:

Patients on waiting list:

  • Need access to analgesia and physiotherapy
  • Need to prioritise

Increasing capacity:

  • Private operating network
  • Attend extra theatre sessions
  • Increase theatre efficiency, have you done an audit?
  • GIRFT – High volume low complexity initiative