MRI Cancellation


You are the ST3 on Trauma and Orthopaedics in a DGH. You have admitted a gentleman with back pain, you have referred them to the local spinal surgery unit for ?CES and they have advised for MRI locally and then re-discussion.  Unfortunately, the MRI scanner has no slots available this evening and the next available slot is tomorrow morning.

Introduce yourself

Ask them what they know so far and what their expectations were

Summarise the events that have occurred since admission and the reasons for the MRI.

Give a warning shot

Explain that currently there is no capacity to do an MRI scan this morning.


Explain your next steps which will include:

  • Speaking to radiologist/radiographers to see if the priority of your scan can be increased
  • Informing the spinal unit that MRI is not available and requesting transfer for MRI.

Ask the patient if he Is comfortable currently if he needs any more analgesia.


Ask them if they have any further questions.