Everything you need to prepare for ENT ST3 Interviews

The ENT ST3 online course is a comprehensive preparation resource that will help you secure your top choice ENT ST3 number. The course was written by top scoring London ST3s.

Sample Content

Top Candidates

Course and guide written by top scoring ENT ST3 candidates.

Realistic stations

Mock ENT ST3 interview stations, simulating the real thing. Written by top ranking candidates.

High yield

We recognise that juggling training and ENT ST3 interview prep is challenging. The ENT ST3 course includes high yield topics so you can maximise revision time.

Our ENT ST3 Interview Course

Upon purchase of our ENT ST3 interview course you get access to unique scenarios covering the: Professional, Communication and Clinical stations. Each station includes comprehensive answers written by top scoring ENT ST3 candidates.

The ENT ST3 Interview

In 2023 there were 152 applicants

In 2023 there were 60 ENT ST3 posts.

Competition ratios for ENT St3 posts were:

  • 2.53 (2023)

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration costs £110. Registration grants you access to all stations including: Clinical, Communication and Professional topics. Access lasts until the end of the ST3 interview week e.g. in the 2022 interview cycle, access expired on the 10th of April (Interviews took place from the 4-7th of April).

Access lasts until the end of the ST3 interview week e.g. in the 2022 interview cycle, access expired on the 10th of April (Interviews took place from the 4-7th of April). Therefore, the sooner you sign up the more time you will have to prepare for the same registration cost. If you would like to extend membership please contact us.

Account sharing is not permitted. If you and a friend would both like to sign up together please contact us for a discount.

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